1 Corinthians

Dig Deep into 1 Corinthians with this new free online course

The Corinthians lived in a culture obsessed with self. And the believers in the church at Corinth took their cues from that culture, not fully recognizing their identity in Christ. Sound familiar?

Our modern society is very much like that of ancient Corinth, and today’s church has a lot to learn from Paul’s admonitions, encouragement, and advice to break away from sin and wholeheartedly follow Jesus.

Dallas Theological Seminary invites you to explore the Book of 1 Corinthians in-depth, to glean from the wisdom and practical applications it contains. In this free online course, which walks you through the book, you’ll gain wisdom about dealing with temptation, gaining mastery over sin, identifying spiritual gifts, and much more.

This free online course is taught by Dr. Tom Constable, who served as a professor in the Bible Exposition department at DTS. Dr. Constable’s extensive study and thorough grasp of the Bible is evident in each lesson. Throughout the seven sessions of this course, you will be challenged and encouraged to pursue maturity in Christ, to forsake division, and to use your spiritual gifts with God’s love as the driving force.

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