See how God reveals Himself through the Book of Exodus in this free online course from DTS

You’ve likely faced trials in your life—big or small—so you know that at times it can be difficult to see God’s purpose and care in the midst of seemingly senseless events.

But the Book of Exodus illustrates that God doesn’t do anything without a reason.

The Israelites witnessed plagues and terrors as an end to their captivity in Egypt, and they faced hunger and thirst in the desert once they were free. But God’s faithfulness throughout the events of Exodus reminds us that His purposes are often so much greater than we can see.

His people may have worshiped false gods and witnessed plenty of traumatic events, but they also saw God reveal Himself more and more fully to them every day: His power was demonstrated through the plagues, His purpose was shown in the Law, and His presence filled the tabernacle. The Book of Exodus highlights God’s sovereignty over His people.

This free online course from Dallas Theological Seminary will help you take comfort in God’s underlying purpose. Dr. James Allman, DTS professor of Old Testament Studies and Bible Exposition, will guide you through this course.

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