Lessons from Biblical Leaders

Explore biblical leadership with this new free online course from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Dallas Theological Seminary is offering a new free online course on Lessons from Biblical Leaders. There is an astounding depth of character among the leaders we read about in the Bible. Through faith and endurance, they overcame significant challenges. Biblical leaders exhibited the conviction and resolve that is desperately needed in leadership today.

DTS offers our students the classes they need to develop into leaders, and Lessons from Biblical Leaders is a direct excerpt from a DTS class. While completing this free online course won’t earn any credits from Dallas Theological Seminary or any other school, the lessons are adapted from the same teaching DTS students receive.

This course, taught by the late Dr. Howard Hendricks, examines the nature of leadership: how God uses everything about leaders, including the leaders’ weaknesses, for His purpose; how leaders manage internal and external opposition; how leaders need patience for discipleship development; and how leaders choose a supporting team.

Our five-session study includes lessons from leaders in the Old and New Testaments. It is well worth exploring the lessons from the lives of these people who, with God’s help, made decisions that transformed them into extraordinary leaders.

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