Names and Attributes of God

Learn about God’s names and attributes in this new DTS free online course

Who is God? What sets Him apart from all other beings? What can we know about Him from the Bible?

We can learn about God by studying how He has chosen to identify Himself to us and what we can discern about Him from His Word. By studying God’s character and attributes, we can grow in our understanding of, and relationship with, our infinite and omnipotent Creator.

Dallas Theological Seminary invites you to explore the names and attributes of God in a new free online course. In this course, you will study God’s names and titles, such as Elohim, Adonai, Yahweh, Ancient of Days, Rock of Israel, the God Who Sees, and more. You will also look at the incommunicable attributes of God—attributes that apply to Him alone.

Dr. Scott Horrell, a professor in the Theological Studies department at DTS, teaches this course. He is a compelling and winsome theologian, missionary, and church-planter. Throughout the five sessions of the course, you will be challenged and encouraged to know God in new and intimate ways.

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