The Story of Scripture

Learn the Bible’s beautiful, complete narrative from DTS professors—for free

Many people have a working knowledge of The Bible’s stories and characters, but they don’t appreciate or understand its master narrative. Dallas Theological Seminary has educated thousands of pastors, teachers, missionaries and scholars, using the Bible as the central course of study.

“God’s word leads us on an incredible journey from Genesis to Revelation. The master narrative allows us to see beauty, followed by sin and its consequences. However, God moves forward in spite of sin.”

Dr. Mark Yarbrough

The Bible has a wide array of different books containing many different styles–such as poetry, history, letters, wisdom, and psalms. Despite this variety, The Bible as a whole has a beautiful, complete narrative that points to one person. As a Christian, its important to understand this, so that we can interpret and appreciate all of its contents. That’s why we’ve made this new online course, The Story of Scripture, completely free of charge. You can enroll in this course for free by using the form below.

You’ll learn the structure of the Bible, how the English language impacts our understanding of it, and the focal point of every verse it contains.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to fully understand:

  • The creation narrative found in Genesis 1–11
  • The Mosaic Covenant and the rest of the Pentateuch following Genesis
  • The Covenant Kingship especially through the Davidic Covenant.

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