What is Theology?

Discover the answers to tough questions about theology in this new free online course from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Dallas Theological Seminary is offering a new free online course examining the question, What is Theology? It’s easy to think that theology is an area of study that is limited to pastors and professors and not practical for the rest of us. But did you know that we are all theologians? Join DTS professor of Theological Studies Dr. Glenn Kreider as he explores tough questions related to theology.

At DTS, theology courses help our students with these tough questions to equip them to live out the Great Commission. We are training them to share the saving grace of the gospel around the world and to disciple believers with God’s Word.

And now DTS is sharing excerpts from this class on theology with you! While completing this course won’t earn any credits from Dallas Theological Seminary or any other school, the lessons are adapted from the same classroom teaching DTS students receive.

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