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For more than 90 years, DTS has been committed to teaching the truth found in Scripture. The Bible is our central course of study – and every word in it is useful for building up the Body of Christ (2 Tim 3:16).

We have trained thousands of pastors and teachers over the past nine decades, but our mission has always gone far beyond the borders of our physical campus. We want to train believers worldwide to know Scripture and allow it to bear fruit in their lives.

That is why we’ve launched these free online courses. We believe the world desperately needs biblical truth, and these courses will help us reach and teach more people than ever before.

Current Course Offerings


RevelationRevelation is an nine-week course taught by Dr. Stanley Toussaint, examining insights into the social, political, and religious conditions of John’s day, how to intepret the prophecies presented in Revelation, and what Revelation tells us about Christ’s return.
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The Gospel of John

Gospel of JohnThe Gospel of John is an eight-week course taught by Dr. Mark Bailey, DTS President and Senior Professor of Bible Exposition. This course will deepen your understanding of John’s Gospel and strengthen your relationship with its subject—Jesus Christ.
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How to Read the Bible Like a Seminary Professor

How to Read the Bible Like a Seminary ProfessorHow to Read the Bible Like a Seminary Professor is a four-week course taught by Dr. Howard Hendricks (1924-2013), one of the most celebrated teachers in DTS’s history. This course will equip you with the same techniques that DTS professors use in their personal Bible study.
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GenesisGenesis is a ten-week course taught by Dr. James Allman, DTS Professor of Old Testament Studies. This course will take you on a journey through the book of Genesis concentrating on the creation narrative and the patriarchs.
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