Historical Backgrounds for the New Testament

In this three-week course, Dr. John Grassmick will cover everything from the Babylonian Exile to the Roman Empire. Learn about the Maccabean revolt against the Greeks, King Herod’s controversial temple expansions, factions like the Pharisees and Sadducees, and life in Israel under Roman rule.
historical backgrounds for the new testament cover

Learn about the world of the New Testament in this new free course from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Dallas Theological Seminary is offering a new free online course on the Historical Backgrounds for the New Testament. This course covers major historical events that occurred before the New Testament. Even if you’re not familiar with this era, the course provides useful context for understanding the New Testament world of early Christianity.

The instructor, Dr. John Grassmick, does a great job breaking down complex historical dynamics into clear lessons. You will come away from this completely free course with a better understanding of the world at the time of Jesus.

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