Be better equipped to build others up in Christ!

Biblical counseling involves guiding others, formally and informally, toward spiritual growth. All Christians are called to build each other up in the faith. That means, all Christians could benefit from learning a bit about biblical counseling. Join us in learning to love well in Intro to Biblical Counseling.
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About Intro to Biblical Counseling

God created us for relationships. Before the fall, God created Eve because Adam was unsupported and without companionship. After the fall, God wants us to minister to each within different relationships as allies in the transformation process. Professional Christian counselors, pastors, and small group leaders are great allies, as are spouses, co-workers, and neighbors. Any Christian who guides someone toward spiritual growth is doing biblical counseling.

This course is the first part of the longer class required for all our students earning a Master of Arts in Counseling or a Master of Theology. In Introduction to Biblical Counseling you will learn about four foundation pictures that each show a different aspect of the change process. And you will learn six application strategies for bringing about transformation.

Course curriculum

  1. Intro to the Course and Professor

  2. Foundation Pictures

  3. Application Strategies 1 & 2

  4. Application Strategies 3 & 4

  5. Application Strategies 5 & 6

About this course

  • 3.5 hours of video content
  • 5 weeks
  • Dr. Gary Barnes