James is a five-lesson course taught by the late Dr. Stanley Toussaint. You will explore lessons in Christian maturity, including the importance of taming your tongue, and considering the trials in your life as “pure joy.”

Deepen your understanding of the book of James with Dallas Theological Seminary – for free.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to tame your tongue, have joy in the midst of trials, and grow in wisdom and Christian maturity? The Book of James provides life-giving instruction and helps you understand not only how to listen to the Word but also how to do what it says.

As you study the Book of James in this free online course, you will explore themes including the following:

  • How faith and works are interconnected
  • How to replace hypocrisy with genuine righteousness
  • How to persevere and receive trials with “pure joy”

This free course on James is taught by Dr. Stanley Toussaint (1928-2017), who was Senior Professor Emeritus of Bible Exposition at DTS. Throughout the five sessions of the course, you may discover some challenging and convicting text, but you will ultimately find this letter to be a source of encouragement and wisdom.